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Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
4:29 pm
Your New Ships
The Sea Wolf (Vendel Merchant Pinnace)
Brawn: 2 (5)
Finesse: 3
Resolve: 4
Wits: 3
Panache: 3
Modifications: Smuggling Compartments, Extra Cargo Space, Extra Crew Quarters, Hidden Gunports, Overgunned, Extra Boarding Cannons & Swivel Cannons
Flaws: Deep Draft, Unlucky & Gaudy
Draft: 5
Crew: 4
Cargo: 5 (6)
Reputation: +10

The Siren’s Eye (Castillian Man o’ War)
Brawn: 4
Finesse: 3
Resolve: 4
Wits: 5
Panache: 5
Modifications: Lucky, Silk Sails, Wide Rudder, Decoration & Slight Draft
Flaws: Old & Awkward Cargo Space
Draft: 2
Crew: 3
Cargo: 2
Reputation: -20

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3:09 am
Update: Battle of the Wolf & Siren plus the Silver Head
It took the better part of the day but the fighting ended, nearly half the pirates were captured but the rest were killed or even escaped overboard. Jean-Michael Varloux du Martise was not seen again despite intense searches, almost like he disappeared into the very waters of Avalon. The officers of the Sea Wolf likewise were slain in the battle, that was a strict goal of the Siren’s Eye crew, leaving the sailors without direction and leadership.

By the end of the battle Philippe and Desmond were severely wounded, Ilara’s powers were stretched thing and Rosalina was wounded from a deep gunshot wound. Due to the Fate Witch the battle with at the Powder Room was surprisingly swift and people felt as if their blows were directed to where they needed to go and that they were perhaps having one of the best and luckiest days of their lives. Another bit of luck was that the Siren’s Eye had a surgeon who would work on the group and mend people, “but for a price” he wished to be able to not visit the Hangman’s Noose and stay aboard the ship he called home.

If Philippe lets it known he has sailing experience, he would be able to pilot the Sea Wolf and perhaps talk the men into being his crew... and Rosalina out of pride and because her husband was refusing to leave the Siren’s Eye was now proclaimed the captain of it, after they found an treasure map (apparently where they kept their loot) on the back of the pirate's charter. After a few more days both boats arrive in Carleon where the boats were taken in and set out being repaired and outfitted.

Due to a local festival, the group was forced to stay in a dockside tavern called the “the Silver Head.” Where often the cook and landlord argue (most people fear it will come to blows soon) and while it is comfortable the food is a bit on the bland and over boiled side, but it was the only place open in the city. So now, Desmond, Ilara, Philippe and Rosalina were at a table celebrating their win of the pirates and acquiring (perhaps) two vessels or at the very least one…

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Monday, July 11th, 2005
1:52 pm
Avalon Ahead (Open Post!)
((First off sorry for the lack of posting on my part but now that everyone is in place and gotten at least one or two posts in, I wanted to set this up. Please do with this as you will but remember what your character is capable of and they are not Superman. This is an experiment for me, so let me know your feedback, please. With that, have fun and play out this scene, as you will.))

Even in the growing fog the lookout from the crow’s nest the shores of Avalon were sighted! Calling down sights and distance as he had them with his barking voice. Dead ahead lay the designation of the passengers and anticitpation and worry was thick upon the ship. The crew of the Sea Wolf were readying everything, what they did not see was a prowler in the fog a Castillian Man O’ War outfitted, no overburdened with cannons that was silently drifting towards the unsuspecting crew. They were loaded and ready and when in range pulling broad side as if they were ghosts in the water. That’s when the war drums started, low and penetrating through the fog, the Sea Wolf’s crew just for a moment froze, in that moment three cannons fired. They were warning shots but sailed close and threatening.

Over the dull thudding drums came a craggy voice. “Gentleman of the Sea Wolf, welcome to Avalon waters! My crew and I will kindly take what goods, ship and lives then we will leave you be there after. As you can see by my Crimson Roger, I am Captain Reis! You have a choice gentleman, you can die like dogs or die like men.” In the smoke and fog, they could see a man standing at the bow posed with a musket in one hand and a scythe in the other (though, people with keen senses can tell the voice is coming from the back of the ship near the wheel). “You will have to the count of five to surrender or be blown out of the water, gentleman! One… two….”

The will of the crew was torn, none shouted orders and a third of the crew was jumping overboard as the others were snapped to attention by their captain’s words. “All right men, stand tall, break out the powder… and give this cur all we have. We may die this day but we will not die without sinking that ship! TO ARMS!” And with the last shout he drew a pair of pistols and unloaded at the standing figure tagging it twice and the figure staggering back with a groan of pain. And the Sea wolf came alive with action, pulled from their wonder and shock. Luckily, the captain always kept the weapons ready and his crew armed and while they could not get the cannons ready too soon they could board the other ship and fire away.
One third of the crew begun swinging over, including the Captain leading the charge as the others set about to defend and make ready their cannons as the ‘command to fire’ never came from the Crimson Roger, only a score or maybe horde of pirates answered. The clashing of blades, the bang and smoke of pistol or musket as the two crewed entered a massive battle.

This leaves our Heroes just coming on deck (if they wish) to see what was happening. The words were spoken and heard by all and it is just then they realize that some of the crew from the enemy ship must have used their row boats or swam over around back and were coming aboard their vessel armed with dagger, cutlass, bayonet and pistol.

The battle has begun, the challenged made… the question is what do you do?

((Also if people want to take the time to assess more, post that as well as there is always more information to be had or gained. I hope you enjoy this, thanks guys for being cool!))

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Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
6:46 pm
Thursday, June 30th, 2005
1:06 pm
The high seas, music and homesickness
Rosalina often stayed in her husbands and her chambers below deck most of the time but today Rosa ventured out to the deck. Adorned in typical Castilian wear of long black skirts, with a matching bodice that was decorated in onyx and small rubies as well as a crimson shirt that hung from her shoulders and puffed out in the sleeves, around her neck was a golden cross of Theus that had been handed down in her family from Aldana himself and in her hand she carried a Crescent guitar. Slowly meandering over to a wooden bench, Rosalina attempted to blink away the tears from her amber eyes, she was fairly beautiful but her beautiful face was veiled in sadness. It had been Rosalina's first time away from Castille, and more importantly away from her family.

She brought her guitar to her lap and softly began to play an upbeat flamenco song. Her foot tapped along with the rhythm as the enchanting music soon swelled as her fingers nimbly moved along the strings as well as her hand tapping the guitar for beats between the singing of the chords. Rosalina smiled at the comfort of her music, as she got lost in her own tune.

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Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
2:10 pm
12:48 pm
Rosalina Anita Aldana de Zepeda del Castillo background [OOC]
Rosalina’s inspiration comes from an incident that occurred when she was just a child of eight years. Not only was Rosalina well known for her birth into the Aldana and Zepeda family but in the Zepeda province she won the hearts of many families with her sweetness and kindness. All adored the young child, all but two Montaigne twins the same age. A montaigne noble had moved near Rosalina’s family and the twins, Margot and Volleta who were jealous of the Castillian girl. The two spited Rosa so much that they devised a plan to humilate her. The Montaigne twins invited Castillian and Montaign children alike to a party at their chateau. Rosalina, extremely excited about the party, dressed in her finest gown and made up her hair before going. At the party the twins “accidently” dropped sangria and wine all over her dress. During a dance Margot stepped on her dress, causing it to tear. Near the end of the party Volleta went to cut the cake but with the knife cut a curl from Rosalina’s hair. Margot and Volleta laughed and pointed out to all their guests how Rosalina looked like a mess, and in an uproar of laughter, Rosalina ran out of the Chateau in tears. Rosalina had been forgiving all night to the hostesses but she was now embarrassed and angry. When she went home she began to pack a bag of her clothes when her father spotted her. Her father scooped up the crying child and took her into his arms and asked what was wrong. Rosalina told him everything about the party and how she wanted to leave Castille because of the Montaigne. Her father comforted her, told her that the family needed her and she was loved and told her this piece of advice.

“Mi amore, you are to be loyal to three above all else. First and above all loyalty to Theus, secondly, Castille and thirdly, your family. Those three will forever be there for you and protect you from harm”

Rosa would never forget his words. After, Rosa began training with her father in the Zepeda school. She trained for five years, both in the Zepeda school and in music and it wasn’t until Rosa was 13 that she had another encounter with the twins. By this time, Rosa had blossomed to an even more beautiful young woman. But Rosa’s beauty was natural whereas the twins were jeweled, powdered and fake. The jealous of the twins rose again as Margot walked up to Rosa and yanked the cross of Theus, that had been handed down from her Aldana side of the family, and threw it in the mud, and proceeded to mock Theus. Rosa said a soft prayer for Margot, and asked forgiveness of the way the symbol was handled. The twins continued to taunt her, that is when Rosa took out her whip, cracked it once that it silenced the twins and froze them in fear of being struck. Rosa then wrapped the whip around both their legs and yanked them down, causing the peacocks to fall in the mud with tears. Rosa went to the mud as the girls thought she went to help them up, instead she picked up her cross, kissed it and walked away. She never saw the girls again.

It wasn’t too long after that when Rosalina left her mother, father, six siblings and family and went to the University of San Cristobal. At the university Rosalina excelled in her studies and continued with training in the Zepeda school. And although Rosalina had a strong grasp in her studies, she was awkward around the amount of Castillian boys who were trying to court her. She was flattered but none of them had that spark that she was looking for. That was, until she met Desmond. At first she ignored him, attempted to play coy, but each time he’d come at her with another romantic story, song or adventure he had been on. Soon she gave into her heart and married the Avalonian man.
Monday, June 13th, 2005
8:55 pm
OOC: Everyone welcome Monsieur Philippe Bellatre, Pirate Extraordinaire. Well Sort of.
Warning, long and semi-boring hisorty follows. Enter with caution.

It had been a long 12 years; so many days spent at sea, with what was sometimes such horrid company. . . .but as much as he might complain, he found he really did enjoy it. It was definitely not all that he had hoped, but one had to admit, piracy really did have its charm. Anything you could want, and quite a bit more, could be provided for minimal effort. He'd been at it for quite a long time, and had never been more content. He could be more content though. That much he was sure of, and this could prove to be his chance.

Read more...Collapse )
~He was now 24, it had been 12 years since he went to sea. He had accomplished a lot that he was proud of. Some that he was not, and some that he just couldn't bloody remember. (Mostly after a long evening with alcohol.) He was now much wiser, stronger, and confident than he had been when he left. (Sea will do that to you.) He was also taller. He was now approximately 5'10" and very fit. (sea will also do that to you.) Though through all this time, his sense of style never changed. He refused to dress poorly, (which was a challenge as he managed to get drunk and pickpocketed a couple nights ago.) and this made him the (butt) of many jokes.~

A physical description- He's a pirate though he looks quite like a fop, wearing only fine stylish clothing, but not in the typical red and black. He instead wears lavender and charcoal grey. It has a bit of a pirate cut if you notice that sort of thing ;-) He wears a curly black wig.
He has fine black leather thigh high boots, occasionally folded down into bucket tops. He wears a rapier hip,as ornamentation, or at least he'd like you to believe that's all it is. He is almost always seen with a powdered white face, make up handled meticulously. It is only ever removed at night or at sea.

He seems an amiable individual, if a little slimey and Very Roguish. He is loyal only to those who earn his respect (such as his pirate captain), otherwise he often does things for himself.
He wouldn't rob a random person in port, but those richer than him, or those who get in his way are free range. He may take insult at anything said, however and retaliate. (Quite like D'Artagnan.)

Oh he's also very judgmental, but don't worry, as long as you are wearing nice clothing he just might like you.

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1:51 am
OOC: Introducing Ilara Vetrano
Sabrina del Arende was set for an interesting life from birth. Her father was a young member of one of Vodacce's noble families, while her mother was a well meaning courtesan. Her mother, Maria del Arende, was also a member of the Sophia's Daughters, and planned on raising her daughter to be part of the society.

Early on in her life, Sabrina showed the intelligence and self-control needed for a position as a courtesan, as well as certain evidence (as far as the Daughters were concerned) of Sidhe blood. She seemed to remain younger, longer, but never too long. Even as a child, she was beautiful. And she could sense the coming of storms.

At the soonest moment possible, Sabrina was taken into training to be a courtesan. Rest of history beneath the cutCollapse )

Ilara Vetrano is much older than she looks - since her induction into Sophia's Daughters seven years ago, she has only seemed to age three years. In actual age, she is 25. Most people guess her in her late teens. She keeps her sorcerous abilities secret, only revealing them to fellow Daughters - she can't decide what would be worse, being forced to take the veil, or being burnt at the stake. So, she is instead making a third option.

She's tall for a woman of Theah - about 5'7" tall - and has a very slight build. She has brown eyes and reddish brown hair, and a smile that always seems vaguely mischievous. She keeps to herself, but not in an obvious "I'm keeping secrets" kind of way. Ilara doesn't volunteer much information about herself, let's just put it that way.

Most of the time, Ilara relies on only the most subtle uses of her magic. If you can't tell she's done anything, so much the better. As for her skills as an assassin - well, if you've had to find out, it's already too late.

Ilara's not evil - and in fact, she believes strongly in all the goals of Sophia's Daughters. Keep people free, educate women, change the balance of power, and protect the world of Theus. She is (like most Vodacce) a devout Orthodox Vaticine. She just thinks the church got a few things wrong.

She doesn't have much in the way of property, and is pretty distant from people. Her encounter with Desmond was purely chance, but one that she hopes will provide her with a way out of her current situation.

Any questions? Ask away.
Saturday, June 4th, 2005
4:15 pm
Overzeese Wolf, the Docks in Occupied Castille & the Ocean Beyond (6/12 though 6/19)
It was the set day that was arranged for the Vendel League ship to launch, heading to Avalon. Luckily for the crew and passengers, while the Vendel are merchants they are also lovers of comfort so the well appointed cabins were quite a surprise to those unfamiliar with the League vessels. They were shipping Castillian fruits (taken by the Montaigne) to Avalon for a good price, just some of the benefits and spoils of war after all.

But, three people booked passage and they were due here any moment for the pre-sail check up. The captain is dressed in his long blue coat and a top hat, with a wide grin and pistol bandolier displayed proudly. Greeting people with a booming voice, “welcome! Welcome! Come aboard my friends to the Sea Wolf! Finest vessel of the Vendel Fleet… and scourge of pirates who dare face its mighty bearing.” Those who keen eyes would notice the lacing and work of runes along the boat which is odd for such a boat and Vendel, but then it was not unheard of either.

Once aboard people would find the cabins spacious and lush, with fresh fruit and wine set out for them. Their luggage stowed and servants left out a change of clothing for them as well.

Now, the scene is set… it just lacks its merry players.

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3:43 pm
Desmond the Grey (Out of Character)
Desmond is an average height man from Avalon, he comes from well off stock that has provided him with the grace, dignity and bearing of nobility. Though, depending on the time of day an dhow much drink he has… he claims to descend from nobles, or merchants, low born commoners, the earth itself or other outlandish tales each enticing and well constructed but its hard to separate the truth from the web of honey coated lies. Having been educated in Castille (as he claims to have been exiled, hunted, wanted or just on walkabout) he blends the dark colors of that country with the style and flair of the Avalon stock. He is recently married and very in love to Lady Rosalina, he spent many nights impressing her with song, poem and vigil under her window. He surprised her even more when he managed to woe and win over her family to his strange ways. They often call him son and despite his customs encouraged the marriage between the pair.

He is a stunning figure with an easy smile and smoky grey eyes. Agile and athletic in body he is trained in the Aldana style of fighting, having preferred its dancing rhythm to any style he has seen before. On his hip is always a basket hilted fencing sword which bears no craftsman mark but is obviously of the Triple Kingdoms from its design. His silvery-white hair and youthful appearance plus his almost manic mood swings makes it hard to determine his age. One thing is for certain he is well traveled is his tales are at all to be believed.

What tales you ask? Well he claims to have served as the Captain of various Pirate bands, to rode with the wild Ussuran Korsars, dined with Verdugo and walked hand in hand with Grimfather. Most people think these are just tall tales of an active mind and are too outlandish and unreal to actually be true. Other claims made by Desmond is that he is a fallen Knight of Elaine or of the Rose and Cross, that he was at the battle and saw the knighly order of die Kreuzritter slain or that he has dined and shook hands with each and every Prince Vodacce has had. His story telling and claims often land him in a whole heap of trouble and despite his penchant for lying and stories, he is a well spoke and educated fellow who is a demonstrated linguist.

For those ‘in the know’ he is a male member of Sophia’s Daughters and does not take offense if referred to as a Daughter rather then a Son. He shares the blood of the Lady of the Lake and wields the Scrying Sorcery of the males as well as the ability to taste when Glamour is used near him.

Pretty much think of Ed Bloom (Albert Finney/Ewan MacGregor) from “Big Fish” a full helping of Baron Von Munchausen with a dash of Captain Jack Sparrow thrown in for the swashbuckling and that would be Desmond.

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2:54 pm
(Out of Character) GAME ON!
So I have set down some rules and application, I have taken from various things I think work for games and are best for a game where people cannot always be around.

As it stands... we have three players.

Rich playing Ilara Vetrano an Vodacce Fate Witch on the run.
Jen-Jen playing Rosalina Zepeda de Aldana Del Castillo a whip cracking Castillian Noble just married.
Greg playing Desmond a tall tale telling ex-patriot Avalon Duelist.

They are heading to Avalon from Occupied Castille to visit the mysterious and absent family of Desmond (who seems reluctant to do this).

Begin with the posting and introducing of characters in more detail!

Your Director,

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