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Overzeese Wolf, the Docks in Occupied Castille & the Ocean Beyond (6/12 though 6/19)

It was the set day that was arranged for the Vendel League ship to launch, heading to Avalon. Luckily for the crew and passengers, while the Vendel are merchants they are also lovers of comfort so the well appointed cabins were quite a surprise to those unfamiliar with the League vessels. They were shipping Castillian fruits (taken by the Montaigne) to Avalon for a good price, just some of the benefits and spoils of war after all.

But, three people booked passage and they were due here any moment for the pre-sail check up. The captain is dressed in his long blue coat and a top hat, with a wide grin and pistol bandolier displayed proudly. Greeting people with a booming voice, “welcome! Welcome! Come aboard my friends to the Sea Wolf! Finest vessel of the Vendel Fleet… and scourge of pirates who dare face its mighty bearing.” Those who keen eyes would notice the lacing and work of runes along the boat which is odd for such a boat and Vendel, but then it was not unheard of either.

Once aboard people would find the cabins spacious and lush, with fresh fruit and wine set out for them. Their luggage stowed and servants left out a change of clothing for them as well.

Now, the scene is set… it just lacks its merry players.
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