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OOC: Everyone welcome Monsieur Philippe Bellatre, Pirate Extraordinaire. Well Sort of.

Warning, long and semi-boring hisorty follows. Enter with caution.

It had been a long 12 years; so many days spent at sea, with what was sometimes such horrid company. . . .but as much as he might complain, he found he really did enjoy it. It was definitely not all that he had hoped, but one had to admit, piracy really did have its charm. Anything you could want, and quite a bit more, could be provided for minimal effort. He'd been at it for quite a long time, and had never been more content. He could be more content though. That much he was sure of, and this could prove to be his chance.

Ever since he was a young boy in Paix (Psst, it's in montaigne) Philippe Bellatre had been intrigued by pirates. He'd heard tales, seen a few come through town occasionally, and even seen a couple hanged once. So of course he was fascinated by them. Every young boy wants to find a little danger now and again. To rebel, and make a name for himself and earn the respect and fear of the rest of the children in the town. Right? Ok maybe it was just Philippe, but he loved being the center of attention, so he was alright with being different.

From the first time that his mother dressed him in fine clothing (at the age of 7, for a party she wanted her family to make a good showing at.), it was apparent that he was not going to be a typical child. Any normal boy would fuss when the people fawned all over him. They would hate not being allowed to go outside and play, because he might dirty their clothes. Not Philippe, however. He loved it.

His parents had never had a lot of money. His grandmother, however, a very minor noble, who had no other family but them, spoiled the child so badly he would through massive fits if he didn't have the latest fashions in all of his favorite colours. His parents were horrified, but the old woman just kept encouraging it.

He never lost his fascination with pirates and the sea. Even as other young boys would go outside to run and play, the only reason Philippe would leave was to sit near the docks in hopes of seeing a real pirate ship. Sure he was mocked for it, but he didn't mind. He knew one day he would be a pirate too. He considered it most glorious. Of course he didn't know about the diseases, and death, the lack of companionship (not that this one would ever come to stop him) or the dirt, but he would soon find out.

He hated spending time with other you men. He hated running, he hated wrestling, he hated most physical activities. What he hated most though, which likely led to his distaste for physical activity, was sweating. He learned dancing and etiquette from his grandmother. She even took him to court a occasionally, in order to show him off. and for a while he thrived on it, but eventually the old dreams came back. He realized that in order to be a pirate he would have to learn to fight. He would have to learn to sail. As soon as he could he convinced his grandmother to buy him a sword. He knew he could have gotten his father to buy him one, but he knew the one his grandmother would provide would be prettier.

His father was quite glad to hear that he was taking up more manly activities. He had never been one to care about fashions and what was happening at court. It made his mother worry a little.
He found plenty of people willing to teach and spar with him, and within a couple of years he thought he had a decent start. His next step was to go to sea. After much planning, and one goodbye, he signed onto the first international ship that would take on and train a new cabin boy. He was 12 years old, and he had no idea what he was getting himself into.

It was a lot of work, a lot of sweating, and at first he considered giving up, but if he was anything as much as a dandy, it was stubborn. He rode it out, he made an effort to learn and in time he worked his way up through the ranks. By the time he was 18 he was one of the captains right hand men. The first mate on a merchant ship. It wasn't piracy, but it was a damned good start. He continued practicing and fighting. Challenging the sailors to brawls and the passengers to bouts of fencing. He didn't always win, but he did always get back up. This would come in handy in the future. He soon grew discontent with the dirty work however, it wore out his clothing far too quickly, and he didn't enjoy always answering to someone else.

Luckily, for him at least, the ship was soon attacked by pirates. (How Ironic)
He managed to survive and stow away on their ship. (Yes he knew this was stupid, but they were pirates and he was a bloody fan boy.) After a couple of days in hiding the excitement wore off, and the hunger kicked in. He was found by the ships cook, whichever pirate it happened to be on that particular day. He was dragged before the captain, where he pleaded for his life. He asked to serve on the ship. He offered his services. (It was that last part that caught the captains attention) He allowed him a couple of days to prove himself.

Philippe did just that. He proved himself a pretty good sailor. He knew the rigging and winds, and his hot temper got him into trouble a few times. His resilience really impressed the captain. (That and those extra services.) He took him on to the crew. Again as a cabin boy.

Again Philippe was able to practice and to learn a new type pf fighting. He learned to fight like a pirate, and it was glorious. Again over several years time he worked his way up. He wasn't captain yet, which wasn't a surprise, but it left a foul taste in his mouth. He was sure he was ready. He hated answering to another man.

Then one day they found themselves in Barcino. He was told it was a Castillian port, but so many of them looked the same. They had some time on shore. So they all went carousing. When it was time to return to the ship, he found that it was gone. . . missing.
He later found his captain dead in an alley. Their ship had been pirated. Strangely enough only half of the crew was accounted for. The fear of being in town too long, and being recognized as pirates led most of them to sign on to the first ship they could find, and get out of there.

Philippe, however, saw it as an opportunity. He would have followed his captain, and gone where he was told to go, but now that the man was dead, Philippe was his own Captain. Now all he had to do was commandeer his own ship.

~He was now 24, it had been 12 years since he went to sea. He had accomplished a lot that he was proud of. Some that he was not, and some that he just couldn't bloody remember. (Mostly after a long evening with alcohol.) He was now much wiser, stronger, and confident than he had been when he left. (Sea will do that to you.) He was also taller. He was now approximately 5'10" and very fit. (sea will also do that to you.) Though through all this time, his sense of style never changed. He refused to dress poorly, (which was a challenge as he managed to get drunk and pickpocketed a couple nights ago.) and this made him the (butt) of many jokes.~

A physical description- He's a pirate though he looks quite like a fop, wearing only fine stylish clothing, but not in the typical red and black. He instead wears lavender and charcoal grey. It has a bit of a pirate cut if you notice that sort of thing ;-) He wears a curly black wig.
He has fine black leather thigh high boots, occasionally folded down into bucket tops. He wears a rapier hip,as ornamentation, or at least he'd like you to believe that's all it is. He is almost always seen with a powdered white face, make up handled meticulously. It is only ever removed at night or at sea.

He seems an amiable individual, if a little slimey and Very Roguish. He is loyal only to those who earn his respect (such as his pirate captain), otherwise he often does things for himself.
He wouldn't rob a random person in port, but those richer than him, or those who get in his way are free range. He may take insult at anything said, however and retaliate. (Quite like D'Artagnan.)

Oh he's also very judgmental, but don't worry, as long as you are wearing nice clothing he just might like you.
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