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Rosalina Anita Aldana de Zepeda del Castillo

Rosalina Anita Aldana de Zepeda del Castillo background [OOC]

Rosalina’s inspiration comes from an incident that occurred when she was just a child of eight years. Not only was Rosalina well known for her birth into the Aldana and Zepeda family but in the Zepeda province she won the hearts of many families with her sweetness and kindness. All adored the young child, all but two Montaigne twins the same age. A montaigne noble had moved near Rosalina’s family and the twins, Margot and Volleta who were jealous of the Castillian girl. The two spited Rosa so much that they devised a plan to humilate her. The Montaigne twins invited Castillian and Montaign children alike to a party at their chateau. Rosalina, extremely excited about the party, dressed in her finest gown and made up her hair before going. At the party the twins “accidently” dropped sangria and wine all over her dress. During a dance Margot stepped on her dress, causing it to tear. Near the end of the party Volleta went to cut the cake but with the knife cut a curl from Rosalina’s hair. Margot and Volleta laughed and pointed out to all their guests how Rosalina looked like a mess, and in an uproar of laughter, Rosalina ran out of the Chateau in tears. Rosalina had been forgiving all night to the hostesses but she was now embarrassed and angry. When she went home she began to pack a bag of her clothes when her father spotted her. Her father scooped up the crying child and took her into his arms and asked what was wrong. Rosalina told him everything about the party and how she wanted to leave Castille because of the Montaigne. Her father comforted her, told her that the family needed her and she was loved and told her this piece of advice.

“Mi amore, you are to be loyal to three above all else. First and above all loyalty to Theus, secondly, Castille and thirdly, your family. Those three will forever be there for you and protect you from harm”

Rosa would never forget his words. After, Rosa began training with her father in the Zepeda school. She trained for five years, both in the Zepeda school and in music and it wasn’t until Rosa was 13 that she had another encounter with the twins. By this time, Rosa had blossomed to an even more beautiful young woman. But Rosa’s beauty was natural whereas the twins were jeweled, powdered and fake. The jealous of the twins rose again as Margot walked up to Rosa and yanked the cross of Theus, that had been handed down from her Aldana side of the family, and threw it in the mud, and proceeded to mock Theus. Rosa said a soft prayer for Margot, and asked forgiveness of the way the symbol was handled. The twins continued to taunt her, that is when Rosa took out her whip, cracked it once that it silenced the twins and froze them in fear of being struck. Rosa then wrapped the whip around both their legs and yanked them down, causing the peacocks to fall in the mud with tears. Rosa went to the mud as the girls thought she went to help them up, instead she picked up her cross, kissed it and walked away. She never saw the girls again.

It wasn’t too long after that when Rosalina left her mother, father, six siblings and family and went to the University of San Cristobal. At the university Rosalina excelled in her studies and continued with training in the Zepeda school. And although Rosalina had a strong grasp in her studies, she was awkward around the amount of Castillian boys who were trying to court her. She was flattered but none of them had that spark that she was looking for. That was, until she met Desmond. At first she ignored him, attempted to play coy, but each time he’d come at her with another romantic story, song or adventure he had been on. Soon she gave into her heart and married the Avalonian man.
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