Rosalina Anita Aldana de Zepeda del Castillo (castillianwhip) wrote in crossesandbones,
Rosalina Anita Aldana de Zepeda del Castillo

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The high seas, music and homesickness

Rosalina often stayed in her husbands and her chambers below deck most of the time but today Rosa ventured out to the deck. Adorned in typical Castilian wear of long black skirts, with a matching bodice that was decorated in onyx and small rubies as well as a crimson shirt that hung from her shoulders and puffed out in the sleeves, around her neck was a golden cross of Theus that had been handed down in her family from Aldana himself and in her hand she carried a Crescent guitar. Slowly meandering over to a wooden bench, Rosalina attempted to blink away the tears from her amber eyes, she was fairly beautiful but her beautiful face was veiled in sadness. It had been Rosalina's first time away from Castille, and more importantly away from her family.

She brought her guitar to her lap and softly began to play an upbeat flamenco song. Her foot tapped along with the rhythm as the enchanting music soon swelled as her fingers nimbly moved along the strings as well as her hand tapping the guitar for beats between the singing of the chords. Rosalina smiled at the comfort of her music, as she got lost in her own tune.
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