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You have just entered room "The Boat Trip."

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Desmond: "Avalon has a life all its own my friend and you are just the type it may take a liking to." Wry smile and playful bow to the man.

Philippe: He raises and eyebrow. "Am I? I am curious to know, what makes you say that?"

Desmond: "Some would say that I have a way of seeing and knowing things... and deep down I see you have a good heart unlike most of your countrymen." A smile as he continues to ring out his hair.

Philippe: "I believe most of my countrymen would disagree with you on this matter, and not primarily because you insulted them." *smirk*

Desmond: "And that would not make them any less wrong... I have never been wrong about the character of a man, it is whispered I was gifted with a special sight..." Smirks back.

Philippe: "Le réalité et toi, vous ne vous entendez pas, n'est-ce pas?" He continues smirking. ((Reality and you don't get on, do they?))

Desmond: "Myself and reality are quite in sync... you live in a world of monsters, gods, magic and more... and you think me claiming to be able to read a person, is odd?" A tilt of his head to the side.

Philippe: "I find it odd, Sir, that you believe you can read me." *Shrug* "I will take your reading as a compliment, and hope that I never need to prove you incorrect."

Desmond: "You have a good heart, that is all I can tell... what you do with it is still up to you and what you would... I am not Strega or Fortune Teller."

Philippe: "Well that is indeed fortunate, but I still do not understand what any of this has to do with Avalon."

Desmond: "Avalon likes people who have hearts such as yours... and do not be surprised if you are found on a grand adventure or faced with dire consequences..."

Philippe: "I do hope to avoid both. Adventure is far too tiresome, and I do not think I would find dire consequences much more enjoyable."

Desmond: "We shall see, its still far aways... and quite all right."

Philippe: "That is a relief." He says with a sigh. "And what does Avalon think of you, Sir?"

Desmond: "That I am troublesome and should never have returned to it." Said with honesty and a look upwards as if asking Theus why this must be done.

Philippe: "So I have a good heart and you are troublesome. There may be something wrong with the way your reading works perhaps?" *Shrug*

Desmond: "I have enemies in Avalon... people who wish me less then alive at the moment... It is why I stayed in Castille..."

Philippe: "-and now you have to return. I wish you luck, Sir." He smiles cooley. "I do hope I have no enemies in Avalon, but I never can be sure."

Desmond: "I will need all the luck I can get... but it is what I must do as the lady I love has wished to meet my family..." Smiles, "you will do fine, just be aware this is a land of living legends."

Philippe: "Is the lady sure that is wise?" He smiles, but asks sincerely.

Desmond: "She was upset that my family was unable to attend our wedding and she has not met them... but I do this because it is important to her." A nod.

Philippe: "I understand. Women can be willful. Especially one who already has her man whipped."

Desmond: A small chuckle, "the Castillian people are not ones to tamper with on matters of family and tradition... besides, who says it is to bad to be whipped?" Grins.

Philippe: "The Castillians are hardly worth tampering with at all." He also grins at the last comment. "I certainly did not."

Philippe: *pause* "It appears you have spent some time aboard ships? How has this come about?"

Desmond: A small chuckle, "well, when i was a young boy... no older then ten I was running errands for my father who sent me to the market near the docks to procure some items while he worked off his furstration with a Jenny... on my way there, a man was humming and knocked me over the head where I then woke up on a boat and told I would be the Wild Goose's cabin boy... and grew up learning how to entertain, clean and live on a pirate boat."

Philippe: His face is blank as he listens. Until he hears mention of the Wild goose, at which point he raises and eyebrow and looks slightly more intrigued.
Philippe: He probably wouldn't have given the tale any credence if not for hearing the name of a ship he recognized.
Philippe: "I should imagine entertaining pirates is fairly simple work. As for the rest, it sounds absolutely dreadful."

Desmond: "I worked and dueled my wya up to Captain... before they mutined me and dumped me overboard... when I refused to attack a passanger ship heading to Monataigne..." A shrug as he speaks as if its nothing to him.

Philippe: "Very noble of you. I am sure the Montaigne passengers appreciated it." He sneers. "I have no respect for pirates. They are dispicable.
Philippe: Though I will not hold it against you, as it seems you were a fairly poor pirate."

Desmond: "Pirates are just like any other sailor... no better and no worse." Chuckles some, "I was a good pirate I Just get bored of doing the same thing with my life over and over again. I prefered riding with the Kussars of Ussura..."

Philippe: "You are entitled to your opinion. Though I consider it lucky that I do not have reason to sail often. I should hate to run into a pirate ship. I have heard horrible stories."

Desmond: "Depends ont he cre and their charter... it we are against Ries and the Crimson Roger its best to run, Berek... well we surrender and let him take your booty and if its Keradhin... we fight and hard."

Philippe: He pales slightly under the make up. "I much prefer running or surrendering. Fighting is not exactly my specialty." He smiles ruefully.

Desmond: "Then why carry a sword?" A tilt of his head, "but dear Philippe, I must be off... my bed calls to me." He bows and smiles, "it is an honest pleasure to speak with you."

Philippe: "It makes a very pretty decoration." He smiles and nods. "enjoy your rest." He also turns and retreats to his room.

Desmond: "Oh I will and you get some sleep as well." And with that he heads off to his cabin.
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