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Avalon Ahead (Open Post!)

((First off sorry for the lack of posting on my part but now that everyone is in place and gotten at least one or two posts in, I wanted to set this up. Please do with this as you will but remember what your character is capable of and they are not Superman. This is an experiment for me, so let me know your feedback, please. With that, have fun and play out this scene, as you will.))

Even in the growing fog the lookout from the crow’s nest the shores of Avalon were sighted! Calling down sights and distance as he had them with his barking voice. Dead ahead lay the designation of the passengers and anticitpation and worry was thick upon the ship. The crew of the Sea Wolf were readying everything, what they did not see was a prowler in the fog a Castillian Man O’ War outfitted, no overburdened with cannons that was silently drifting towards the unsuspecting crew. They were loaded and ready and when in range pulling broad side as if they were ghosts in the water. That’s when the war drums started, low and penetrating through the fog, the Sea Wolf’s crew just for a moment froze, in that moment three cannons fired. They were warning shots but sailed close and threatening.

Over the dull thudding drums came a craggy voice. “Gentleman of the Sea Wolf, welcome to Avalon waters! My crew and I will kindly take what goods, ship and lives then we will leave you be there after. As you can see by my Crimson Roger, I am Captain Reis! You have a choice gentleman, you can die like dogs or die like men.” In the smoke and fog, they could see a man standing at the bow posed with a musket in one hand and a scythe in the other (though, people with keen senses can tell the voice is coming from the back of the ship near the wheel). “You will have to the count of five to surrender or be blown out of the water, gentleman! One… two….”

The will of the crew was torn, none shouted orders and a third of the crew was jumping overboard as the others were snapped to attention by their captain’s words. “All right men, stand tall, break out the powder… and give this cur all we have. We may die this day but we will not die without sinking that ship! TO ARMS!” And with the last shout he drew a pair of pistols and unloaded at the standing figure tagging it twice and the figure staggering back with a groan of pain. And the Sea wolf came alive with action, pulled from their wonder and shock. Luckily, the captain always kept the weapons ready and his crew armed and while they could not get the cannons ready too soon they could board the other ship and fire away.
One third of the crew begun swinging over, including the Captain leading the charge as the others set about to defend and make ready their cannons as the ‘command to fire’ never came from the Crimson Roger, only a score or maybe horde of pirates answered. The clashing of blades, the bang and smoke of pistol or musket as the two crewed entered a massive battle.

This leaves our Heroes just coming on deck (if they wish) to see what was happening. The words were spoken and heard by all and it is just then they realize that some of the crew from the enemy ship must have used their row boats or swam over around back and were coming aboard their vessel armed with dagger, cutlass, bayonet and pistol.

The battle has begun, the challenged made… the question is what do you do?

((Also if people want to take the time to assess more, post that as well as there is always more information to be had or gained. I hope you enjoy this, thanks guys for being cool!))
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