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Update: Battle of the Wolf & Siren plus the Silver Head

It took the better part of the day but the fighting ended, nearly half the pirates were captured but the rest were killed or even escaped overboard. Jean-Michael Varloux du Martise was not seen again despite intense searches, almost like he disappeared into the very waters of Avalon. The officers of the Sea Wolf likewise were slain in the battle, that was a strict goal of the Siren’s Eye crew, leaving the sailors without direction and leadership.

By the end of the battle Philippe and Desmond were severely wounded, Ilara’s powers were stretched thing and Rosalina was wounded from a deep gunshot wound. Due to the Fate Witch the battle with at the Powder Room was surprisingly swift and people felt as if their blows were directed to where they needed to go and that they were perhaps having one of the best and luckiest days of their lives. Another bit of luck was that the Siren’s Eye had a surgeon who would work on the group and mend people, “but for a price” he wished to be able to not visit the Hangman’s Noose and stay aboard the ship he called home.

If Philippe lets it known he has sailing experience, he would be able to pilot the Sea Wolf and perhaps talk the men into being his crew... and Rosalina out of pride and because her husband was refusing to leave the Siren’s Eye was now proclaimed the captain of it, after they found an treasure map (apparently where they kept their loot) on the back of the pirate's charter. After a few more days both boats arrive in Carleon where the boats were taken in and set out being repaired and outfitted.

Due to a local festival, the group was forced to stay in a dockside tavern called the “the Silver Head.” Where often the cook and landlord argue (most people fear it will come to blows soon) and while it is comfortable the food is a bit on the bland and over boiled side, but it was the only place open in the city. So now, Desmond, Ilara, Philippe and Rosalina were at a table celebrating their win of the pirates and acquiring (perhaps) two vessels or at the very least one…
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