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Desmond the Grey (Out of Character)

Desmond is an average height man from Avalon, he comes from well off stock that has provided him with the grace, dignity and bearing of nobility. Though, depending on the time of day an dhow much drink he has… he claims to descend from nobles, or merchants, low born commoners, the earth itself or other outlandish tales each enticing and well constructed but its hard to separate the truth from the web of honey coated lies. Having been educated in Castille (as he claims to have been exiled, hunted, wanted or just on walkabout) he blends the dark colors of that country with the style and flair of the Avalon stock. He is recently married and very in love to Lady Rosalina, he spent many nights impressing her with song, poem and vigil under her window. He surprised her even more when he managed to woe and win over her family to his strange ways. They often call him son and despite his customs encouraged the marriage between the pair.

He is a stunning figure with an easy smile and smoky grey eyes. Agile and athletic in body he is trained in the Aldana style of fighting, having preferred its dancing rhythm to any style he has seen before. On his hip is always a basket hilted fencing sword which bears no craftsman mark but is obviously of the Triple Kingdoms from its design. His silvery-white hair and youthful appearance plus his almost manic mood swings makes it hard to determine his age. One thing is for certain he is well traveled is his tales are at all to be believed.

What tales you ask? Well he claims to have served as the Captain of various Pirate bands, to rode with the wild Ussuran Korsars, dined with Verdugo and walked hand in hand with Grimfather. Most people think these are just tall tales of an active mind and are too outlandish and unreal to actually be true. Other claims made by Desmond is that he is a fallen Knight of Elaine or of the Rose and Cross, that he was at the battle and saw the knighly order of die Kreuzritter slain or that he has dined and shook hands with each and every Prince Vodacce has had. His story telling and claims often land him in a whole heap of trouble and despite his penchant for lying and stories, he is a well spoke and educated fellow who is a demonstrated linguist.

For those ‘in the know’ he is a male member of Sophia’s Daughters and does not take offense if referred to as a Daughter rather then a Son. He shares the blood of the Lady of the Lake and wields the Scrying Sorcery of the males as well as the ability to taste when Glamour is used near him.

Pretty much think of Ed Bloom (Albert Finney/Ewan MacGregor) from “Big Fish” a full helping of Baron Von Munchausen with a dash of Captain Jack Sparrow thrown in for the swashbuckling and that would be Desmond.
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