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Tales of Daring Deeds

Buckle those Swashes!

Adventures of Swashbuckling Sorcery
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This is for an online Seventh Sea role-playing game, if you are interested please contact us.

General Rules:
1. You must demonstrate a basic maturity to play.

2. Read all the rules, they will help you along the way.

3. Fill out the application or corner the Director to hash out your concept.

4. You must join the community, we do not have an OOC one so if you are making an out of character comment, make it clear in the subject line.

5. Be kind to your fellow players - if you have a dispute, bring it to the moderator.

6. If you have any questions about these rules or the application, feel free to contact the Director.

Character Rules:
1. Please apply with only ONE character. As a rule we only accept one character per player.

3. Your character doesn't have to be mister-goody-two-shoes, but no villains (scoundrels are often needed), please. Let the Director be the baddies and evil ones, you are supposed to be the Heroes here.

4. Make a reasonable character not some min-maxed I can do everything sort. Everyone has wholes and flaws, keep that in mind.

5. Due to the structure of this game, your character must have a separate journal used only for this game.

RP Rules:
1. Characters can be straight, gay, bi, monogomous, poly, whatever. Please keep content to an R level and place an LJ-cut/warning on anything overtly sexual.

2. There will have bi-weekly AIM chat play, either for simple role-playing or to further along a plot.

3. A summary of the week’s events will be posted each Monday.

4. You will be required to have a character sheet for your character, this will be done with the Director or one of the Assistants present.

Posting Rules:
1. Each week in game corresponds to one week out off game. You can do many actions in a week, even post something on Sunday that does not happen till Friday or such. Its a week by week game, not day by day. This makes it easier for posts to be made and planning sessions. But once the real life week has passed, those posts and entries are locked and done. (If this is not clear let me know and I will explain better.)

2. Two types of posts will be made in this game:

Action Posts
These posts will take place in the community, in third person. These posts allow for RP in the comments by any character who chooses to respond to that scene, that would reasonably be in that area. We do not believe in Open/Closed posts - use common sense. If it's a place where your character wouldn't be, don't go there. Some action posts will be started by the Director, but anyone can make one!

Journal Posts
These posts will be first person journal style entries, that are posted to your character's personal journal. Because each character is a friend of the community, these will be visible by checking the Friends page. Characters' journal entries can be used to describe what the character is feeling about current events, provide back story in the form of 'flashbacks' or reflecting on the past, detailing small things that the character has been up to that don't warrant action posts, etc. It is important to note that while you, the player, can read these journals, your character cannot.

3. Please try to post at least ONCE every TWO WEEKS per character in that character's personal journal. At least ONCE a WEEK , write or reply to an action post in the community.

4. Post title structure should be as follows:

Action post
IC Date / Approximate time / Location / Short description of scene purpose

Journal Post
IC date (if applicable) / Description

5. There is no 'posting order'. Post and reply where you want to, when you want to, as long as it makes logical sense.

Player Information
1. Your Name:
2. Personal (non-character) journal:
3. Player e-mail:
4. Player AIM:
5. Player Age:
6. Have we played together before? If so, where?
7. Familiar with the Seventh Sea? (Not required for acceptance)

Character Information
1. Name:
2. Home Country:
4. Occupation:
5. Memberships:
6. Physical Description:
7. History:
8. Abilities & Hobbies:
9. Flaws:
10. Character's journal:

Writing Samples
Please provide a brief sample of your writing for this character in the form of:
1. A third person short scene (one paragraph or so)
2. A short first-person journal style entry (one paragraph or so)

Feeling lazy? E-mail the Director with your AIM Name to arrange a personal interview over AIM to bypass the application process.