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OOC: Introducing Ilara Vetrano

Sabrina del Arende was set for an interesting life from birth. Her father was a young member of one of Vodacce's noble families, while her mother was a well meaning courtesan. Her mother, Maria del Arende, was also a member of the Sophia's Daughters, and planned on raising her daughter to be part of the society.

Early on in her life, Sabrina showed the intelligence and self-control needed for a position as a courtesan, as well as certain evidence (as far as the Daughters were concerned) of Sidhe blood. She seemed to remain younger, longer, but never too long. Even as a child, she was beautiful. And she could sense the coming of storms.

At the soonest moment possible, Sabrina was taken into training to be a courtesan. She took well to her lessons, learning many languages, training to dance and sing, and to otherwise entertain men. They taught her to rely on herself - meanwhile, on the side, she was taught to be an assassin. Their goal was to have her lure people to her bed, and then kill them in her sleep.

All went well, until she began to see the Strands. Without warning - much less training - young Sabrina's sorcerous blood became known to those around her. Perhaps boosted on by her sidhe blood, it was learned that she could be as powerful as a full-blooded strega. While a literate Fate Witch was of much use to the Daughters, they also knew her existence would only lead to her death in Vodacce.

The young girl received training from a few of the fate witches in the Daughters, learning how to control her powers and how to hide them. A small number of them grew jealous - she would have their power and the life of an educated and free woman. Her mother sensed this, and arranged for Sabrina's final induction into the Daughters of Sophia.

During the initiation, a silver gray color crept up the blade of the crystal dagger, signifying to those present that this child would accumulate wealth in the service of the Lady. After the initaition, Sabrina was put on a boat heading towards Castille, and was given a new name to use - Ilara Vetrano.

Ilara befriended some of the crew on the boat, and learned how to be a sailor during her time with them. She subtly manipulated the strands of fate for them, making many believe she was a good luck charm - and despite the misfortunes she suffered as fate reasserted itself, Ilara realized her own luck. A group of soldiers had gone to the school of Courtesans, looking for the Fate Witch hidden among them - someone had sold her out.

For a few years, Ilara didn't feel safe setting down on land. The elite guards of Vodacce who hunted renegade strega were sure to be on her trail. She made a quick bargain with the captain of the Siren's Bane - she would work as a sailor and as a negotiator, in return for being kept as part of the crew. The captain - a wise Vendel named Skari - recognized a good deal when he saw it, and kept her on for those years.

After six years of service, the Siren's-Bane had been sold to a new captain. Ilara took that time to disembark at Castille, certain that she had lost the hunters.

Ilara Vetrano is much older than she looks - since her induction into Sophia's Daughters seven years ago, she has only seemed to age three years. In actual age, she is 25. Most people guess her in her late teens. She keeps her sorcerous abilities secret, only revealing them to fellow Daughters - she can't decide what would be worse, being forced to take the veil, or being burnt at the stake. So, she is instead making a third option.

She's tall for a woman of Theah - about 5'7" tall - and has a very slight build. She has brown eyes and reddish brown hair, and a smile that always seems vaguely mischievous. She keeps to herself, but not in an obvious "I'm keeping secrets" kind of way. Ilara doesn't volunteer much information about herself, let's just put it that way.

Most of the time, Ilara relies on only the most subtle uses of her magic. If you can't tell she's done anything, so much the better. As for her skills as an assassin - well, if you've had to find out, it's already too late.

Ilara's not evil - and in fact, she believes strongly in all the goals of Sophia's Daughters. Keep people free, educate women, change the balance of power, and protect the world of Theus. She is (like most Vodacce) a devout Orthodox Vaticine. She just thinks the church got a few things wrong.

She doesn't have much in the way of property, and is pretty distant from people. Her encounter with Desmond was purely chance, but one that she hopes will provide her with a way out of her current situation.

Any questions? Ask away.
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